Welcome to my eFolio, this is my homepage that will be able to help you understand the journey I have taken throughout my four years at Holy Cross College.

My name is Matthew Adler and I am from Joliet, Illinois which is located about forty-five miles south of Chicago, Illinois. I will be graduating May 12th, 2012 from Holy Cross College, located in Notre Dame, Indiana with a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Minor in Theology.

Holy Cross was not my first choice of schools when I was nearing graduation from Joliet Catholic Academy in 2008. I was accepted and had everything set up to attend Butler University.  With about two months until graduation, former golf coach at Holy Cross, Ryan Gowen, contacted me with interests of joining the golf team here with the opportunity of a scholarship. I had played golf for JCA on the Varsity Team all four years of high school, but was not pursuing my interests when looking for colleges. Once Ryan had contacted me, I came to visit Holy Cross. Coming from a very family based city and a high school that firmly believed in community and faith; I fell in love when I visited this school. The small classroom sizes and the teacher friendly atmosphere were everything I was used to in high school, and everything I wanted out of my college experience. The main aspect I noticed about Holy Cross were its Four Pillars. These pillars are as followed: Service Learning, Global Experience, Internship, and Capstone. Finding information out about these four pillars made me realize this is the school that I want to help transform me into the person I want to be in the business world in four years. Each of these four experiences has had different roles and effects on me during my four years here, but all together have helped me growing in so many different ways.

"Yesterday's home runs, don't win today's games", this quote from Babe Ruth is my theme for my efolio and Capstone Presentation. Coming from an athletic background, this quote seemed to fit well into the theme I am trying to portray. I have thought a lot about this quote and what it means to me and I have concluded that throughout my four pillars, it is now easy to realize that the person I was before does not always the person I'm called to be. I came to Holy Cross as an ignorant eighteen year old of what my place in the world was, but after my experience here I feel I have hit my homeruns and starting a fresh new game after graduation.